Some great thoughts on how to surface more trustworthy news online…

Great thoughts by Craig Newmark, on some ways online platforms can encourage and reward trustworthy journalism. Especially worth noting his featuring the Trust Project, and Jeff Jarvis’s related thoughts. All very worth a read on ways to improve news “the immune system of Democracy.” Huge potential for innovation here.


New “Subatomic Unit” of News

This rings very true to me:

“Wearables could make the ‘glance’ a new subatomic unit of news

I misjudged — I didn’t think nearly radically enough. The quick-hit stream of Twitter or the Facebook News Feed is giving way to a largely agnostic, mostly opt-in “notification layer” on top of the phone screen.

And yet even that notification layer feels larded in the context of the single-most-interesting media-industry detail from yesterday’s Apple presentation: We are about to enter the era of ‘glance journalism.'”