The Next Stage in the Digital “Identity Wars.”

I’ve been following what is been called the “Identity Wars” for a long time. Here is a post of mine from a few years back on this exact topic. In essence it’s the same space it was then, with Google and Facebook being the prime owners of the “digital you” and Twitter, Amazon and Microsoft trying to move up.  But at least one more major player is about to join in.

This article I think accurately grasps the next stage in this battle, where Apple where Touch ID will grow that into a serious offering for logins across the digital space…websites, apps, even as Apple Pay tries to do the same in the physical payment world.

I keep wishing for a serious, distributed, secure authentication/identity system that no one company owns, and that puts the user in charge of their own Identity directly.

But with the death of both OpenID and then later with Mozilla giving up on BrowserID/Persona, I don’t even see a faint hope of one. Am I missing something? If so, let me know in the comments.


One thought on “The Next Stage in the Digital “Identity Wars.”

  1. Spot on. Google, Facebook and Apple see too much money on the table to get behind any open concept that will give the user the rights to their own authentication and data. The technological revolution is at the stage of the industrial revolution years ago where Government needs to step in and provide a safe harbor. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone believes that any branch or department of the government isn’t so tied in with corporate motives that the public would trust anything the government would push forward.

    Just take a look at the fiasco of net neutrality. A Texas senator stating that “net neutrality is the Obamacare of the internet.” That doesn’t even mean anything. At all.

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