With Named Data Networking, a group of researchers promise a future without servers and IP addresses

A fascinating idea: turning DNS into in essence a “bittortent” like serverless and IP-free network. Every device and computer on the Internet just peers, and nodes. Will be curious to see if this effort gains steam.


A team of researchers from universities and big tech companies have united to advance and popularize the concept of Named Data Networking (NDN), which calls for a new type of internet architecture that does away with the standard Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol that’s currently used to distribute information over the web.

The Named Data Networking Consortium — whose members include team leader University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Michigan, [company]Cisco Systems[/company], [company]Verisign[/company] and others — held the first of its series of meetings on Wednesday and Thursday of this week in which they discussed the current state of NDN and its potential to improve scientific research.

Earlier this summer, Gigaom’s Stacey Higginbotham detailed how NDN fits into the future of the internet and how the emerging technology could take advantage of the connected world. In its simplest form, today’s era of networking involves servers that transmit data to…

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