Here’s why the democratization of big data really, really should excite you. Yes … you.

Good read…


If you aren’t thrilled about the ability to quickly query huge datasets about whatever questions strike your fancy, please listen to this podcast.

This week’s guest, Kalev Leetaru, is the [company]Yahoo[/company] Fellow in Residence of International Values, Communications Technology & the Global Internet at the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Phew. More to the point, Leetaru is pushing the Global Database of Events, Languages, and Tones. Also known as GDELT, this project has taken more than 250 million historical data points from the past 35 years to try to determine patterns between, say, the current unrest in Ukraine and historical events.

If the past is prologue, this is a pretty fabulous tool to have at your disposal. Which it now is, since [company]Google[/company] has made the dataset available via its cloud platform. Leetaru is clearly jazzed about the possibilities here — being able to…

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