Twitter Has Been Making 80 Cents In Ad Revenue For Every Thousand ‘Timeline Views’

Interesting numbers in Twitter’s S-1 filing….


If you’re reading Twitter’s S-1 filing to see where the business stands as it prepares to go public (hey, that’s what everyone’s doing at TechCrunch), you may have noticed a number that comes up repeatedly: “advertising revenue per timeline view.”

What does that actually mean? Twitter says that along with things like monthly active users, ad revenue per timeline view is one of the key metrics it uses to evaluate its business. The company treats timeline views (“the total number of timelines requested when registered users visit Twitter, refresh a timeline or view search results while logged in on our website, mobile website or desktop or mobile applications”) as a measure of user engagement, and it uses ad revenue per timeline view to track its ability to make money from that engagement.

By that measure, Twitter’s ability to monetize is improving. It says advertising revenue per timeline view was $0.80…

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