We need to think about spectrum allocation differently … now.

Good read on some of the key issues around spectrum allocation. Hard to overstate how crucial it would be for us to get this right….


When we talk about data usage and internet-connected wireless devices, the figures are so massive that they feel abstract. What does half a billion internet-connected devices in the U.S. (as of early 2013) and 8.7 billion worldwide (as of late 2012) actually look like? What do 150 million SnapChats look like or 700 million tweets? The point is, to the majority of consumers, quantifying these things is not only impossible, but also inconsequential on a day-to-day basis. If your smartphone or tablet works, who cares.

And that’s the rub: they soon might not. The number of internet-connected wireless devices is very much quantifiable. Eight point seven billion definitely means something. (For starters, it exceeds the number of humans on the planet.) Also — and perhaps more importantly — the wireless spectrum in which these devices move data is quantifiable. It has physical limits. Thus the…

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