Feedly dominating the post-Reader world, and other web-publishing insights from Parse.ly

Interesting data…Feedly took great advantage of the closing of Google Reader…


Parse.ly, the web-publishing analytics startup that launched in early 2012, has released the first edition of what’s expected to be a monthly look into the top sources driving traffic to publishers’ sites. The first edition of the Authority Report, as Parse.ly has dubbed it, covers July 2013 and shows — among other insights — Feedly crushing other RSS readers in the first month sans Google Reader.

Parse.ly also announced on Monday that it has raised a $5 million Series A venture capital round. Grotech Ventures led the round with participation from Blumberg Capital, ff Venture Capital, and FundersClub. I happen to think the report is the interesting part, but the fact that Parse.ly is able to raise money — and to do it so late after launching — underscores the value of its data. Its customer base isn’t indicative of the entirety of the web, but it does…

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