Roku, Apple and Google should brace for streaming video boom

Good read on latest state of play in “over the top” content devices for streaming video…


Satellite companies might not be in a mood to celebrate, but things are looking positively rosy for companies selling video streaming devices, who are benefitting from the general trend of what industry insiders call over-the-top content. And if the sheer excitement over cord-cutting and the Chromecast isn’t telling enough, then this morning’s report from American market research firm Parks Associates should be ample testimony that video streaming to our big screen televisions is about to have its moment.

According to the report, the number of U.S. households that own some kind of video streaming device, which is defined specifically as a set-top box or dongle that is connected to the TV, has doubled in the last two years, to about 14 percent. Parks Associates projects that such streaming media devices will be in 300 million households by 2017 and that sales revenue will increase by 100 percent in that period, driven by…

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