Mozilla Shows Off Unreal Game Engine Ported Entirely to JavaScript

In what is an amazing demo of how hyper-fast optimized JavaScript applications could run in an upcoming version of FireFox, Mozilla did this amazing demo. They ported the entire Unreal game engine — 1 million lines of code — into JavaScript. The message here is clear: if this app can run as a full true Javascript Webapp, then ANY application can. And here is the demo of the performance:

“Mozilla announced here today that through a partnership with Epic Games, it’s ported Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 to the Web using ASM.js and the JavaScript compiler Emscripten. Mozilla said that it’s working with other big-name gaming companies including Disney, Electronic Arts, and ZeptoLab.”

via Mozilla wants you to get your game on — in your browser | Browsers – CNET Reviews.


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