The real breakthrough of Google Glass: controlling the internet of things

Agree that Glass will be good for Google even if it only ever ships in tiny numbers. It’s about digital content in a post PC world. Smartphones were the first real step, this is the second, even if it isn’t this product but this product-space.


As the first apps start to come out for Google’s (s goog) augmented reality glasses, we’re starting to see how viewing the world and consuming digital content could be transformed. You can capture photos and videos and send them to your friends with a simple gesture, or scan the New York Times headlines without moving a finger. But perhaps the real breakthrough app for Google Glass wouldn’t be about content consumption at all, but about control.

This week the folks at Engadget dug up a patent around Google Glass using wireless connectivity to control connected devices in your home. The glasses could use any number of wireless methods — from RFID, to infrared, to Bluetooth to QR codes — to identify a connected device that could be manipulated, and then, presumably, to manipulate it.

Picture arriving home from work, and the door of your house automatically unlocks to let you…

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