Andrew Sullivan’s site keeps tweaking their “leaky paywall” model…. and he generously keeps sharing the data and the learning he’s seeing…

The Dish

Here is a snapshot of the Dish’s pay-meter at the end of last month:

Meter Peak Pie

As you can see, in February, only four thousand readers hit more than seven read-ons and were asked to pay. That’s only 0.4% of the total monthly unique visitors and 1.2% of the readers who hit at least one read on. Here’s a breakdown of the readership that didn’t hit more than seven read-ons:

Meter Peak Bar

When we set the meter at seven read-ons per month we knew that seven might be too high, but we wanted to err on the side of generosity. The good news is that our overall traffic didn’t decline in any way from being free to all to being metered: over a million people visited last month. But what we didn’t fully account for is that a high percentage of readers consume the Dish on multiple devices (work PC, home PC, smartphone and/or…

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