Latest stats on mobile video viewing….


Mobile and tablet video viewing has seen huge growth in 2012, but it’s still a small piece of the overall cake: That’s one of the key takeaways from Ooyala’s 2012 Global Video Index report, which the video platform provider published late Monday.

Based on hours viewed, tablets saw their usage grow 110 percent in 2012. Mobile phone video viewing grew 87 percent in that same time period. However, both device classes together still only accounted for 8.25 percent of all video viewing hours in December of 2012, compared to 4.15 percent at the beginning of the year. In comparison: Desktop viewing was still just shy of 90 percent in December.


There are a few things worth pointing out: The data for the report comes from Ooyala’s 150 biggest clients. Ooyala’s client roster includes names like Rolling Stone, ESPN (s DIS) and Vice (and yes, also GigaOM, check the bottom of…

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