Suddenly everyone is jumping in…. Interesting that Intel isn’t offering “pure a la carte” channels but seem to be trying to be transitional to that….


Intel (s INTC) Media boss Erik Huggers finally broke his silence about the company’s TV plans at All Things Digital’s Dive into Media conference in Dana Point, California Tuesday, confirming reports from GigaOM and others that the company is working on a TV service, which it plans to launch later this year.

The offering will include a consumer electronics device, which Intel will sell through retailers as well as through its own website. “It is an Intel-powered device… with beautiful industrial design,” he said.

But the device is only part of the package. It will be paired with a TV service run by Intel that is going to launch under a new brand, which has yet to be revealed. Huggers didn’t go into too many details about the actual content that is going to be available through the service. “We are working with the entire industry,” he said, adding that…

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