For me, somewhat of a news junkie, Flipboard and Google Currents are the best of this batch. But will check out Thirst.


At this point, there’s no question the internet offers more than we can reasonably ingest. Even trying to keep up with Buzzfeed’s Beyonce posts while holding down a full-time job would be exhausting.

So who exactly is going to organize the web’s information into a digestible format? That’s still TBD. Flipboard and Zite and Prismatic are just a few solutions (if you look beyond my beloved Google Reader to social, iPad-oriented apps), but they haven’t necessarily won the market yet. Flipboard announced in August that it’s been gaining traction, but that still only translates to 20 million total users, compared to Twitter’s 200 million active users. So the social reader market remains an interesting one to watch.

And one of those apps to watch is Thirst, which is relaunching its product Tuesday as a social reader for news. The company’s first product was more of a social reader for tweets, organizing…

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