I think Matthew Ingram is exactly correct here: “Fans don’t want content, they want a relationship…” Now it is the RELATIONSHIP that is the truly scarce resource that is worth paying for. True for Andrew Sullivan, true for Louie CK, etc… In the political realm I suspect it was true even of the giving the grassroots supporters did donating to the Obama campaign.

The content is secondary, maybe tertiary….


In many ways, conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan and alternative musician Amanda Palmer couldn’t be more different: the former writes about the Obama administration and the intricacies of U.S. foreign policy, while the latter is the former lead singer of a punk band called The Dresden Dolls and sports hand-painted eyebrows, among other things. Their approach to their respective businesses, however — in both cases a very personal form of publishing — are similar in one crucial way: they succeed or fail based on how well they connect with and serve their fans. Is this the future of media?

Just a few weeks ago, Sullivan announced that he was severing his relationship with The Daily Beast and launching a standalone website, and asked for reader support in the form of a $19.99-per-year subscription. In just a matter of days, Sullivan managed to raise more than $300,000 and said recently that

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